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Welcome to Sheila's Vegetarian Cuisine Homepage

Sheila strives to create the products that she demands; products that should be in supply. Sheila values home made vegetarian cooking with straight forward and healthy ingredients.

Sheila is an ingredients label reader, too. She believes in the consumer's right to know exactly what he or she is eating. This is why you'll never find an ambiguous item on one of her labels. She won't dance you around when you call her for more info. She's prepared for the public to know exactly what goes into her recipes.

Those with allergies and special diets have a difficult time finding convenience foods for the times when there's no time or energy to cook. The more we find out about the truth of the way convenience foods are produced and the preservatives and additives used in these process the less appetite we have for them.

Sheila's business begins with meatless patties and vegetarian dips. In the future, Sheila will introduce more vegetarian options to cater to the growing number of people seeking healthy and nutritious alternatives to meat.